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About us

You don't have to go that road all alone.

The start

In 2014, Foeke van der Zee started coaching students who encountered difficulties in completing their bachelor’s or master’s thesis due to a lack of research skills or knowledge of statistics. The number of students increased every year. In 2018 and 2019, about two hundred students asked him for his support.

To help students to acquire research skills, Foeke van der Zee founded a company called ‘Hulp bij Onderzoek’. Directly translated into English this means ‘Help with Research’. A website was made with a lot of information. Many students use this information and many teachers advise their students to visit this site because of the high quality of information that it provides. It helps students in the Netherlands learn how to do proper research.

Not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world, students encounter problems when doing research. They should be helped too. That is why a new website has been created called Research-Coaches.com.

Video tutorials about statistics

About our dictionary

If you don't know what the terms mean, your research will progress slowly and it will be difficult to properly explain where you get stuck. In our online dictionary you will find an explanation of all important terms about research. Each term is explained in a clear way and the statistical tests also have clear examples. It will save you hours of searching. Moreover, when you know what the terms mean, you are already on the way to applying them correctly. This allows you to conduct your research faster and easier.

Video tutorials about statistics

About our manuals

Doing research can be quite difficult. Especially when you are doing it the first time. To help you through the process, a series of papers and manuals are written. Once you have read these manuals, you will know exactly how to solve a problem and wich arguments should be used to defend your choice.

These are our manuals:

You can order each manual separately (€ 6.95). Follow one of the links above for more information. 

When you want to buy all manuals at the same time, click on the button below. For all 10: € 27,50.

Video tutorials about statistics

About our coaches

Learning how to conduct research often means taking two steps forward and one step back. You can get help from the members in the community. However, when you get completely stuck in the research process, one-on-one help might be needed to solve the problem. On this site a list of coaches can be found who can be contacted for help.

All coaches work independently of Research-Coaches.com. Based on the information supplied, we have great trust in their capabilities. However, if a student complains about the quality of the coach, we investigate the complaints and the coach will be removed from the list if necessary. In this way, we hope to guarantee the quality of our coaches.

We strongly advice never to pay a coach in advance. However, coaches may be afraid of not being paid for the services provided. Research-Coaches.com can work as an intermediary.

Video tutorials about statistics

About our tutorials (in progress)

Our tutorials are still under development. Sorry for the inconvenience. However, the tutorials that are published are - for now - freely accessible.

Of course, the manuls and the help of our experts have to be paid.

Video tutorials about statistics

About our membership (free)

Research-Coaches.com is a membership site. It simply means that the information isn't free accessible. As long as the site is in progress, the information on it is accesible for free.

Members have:

  • access to our video tutorials about methdology (in progress);
  • access to our video tutorials about statistics (in progress);
  • access to our video tutorials about SPSS (in progress);
  • access to our community where you can ask questions and get help from other members including our experts (still free);
  • allowance to create a personal chat box on the site to keep conversations with peers or a coach private (still free).

To unsubscribe, just send us an email with your correct email address and name to admin@research-coaches.com. That's all there is to it. We handle the rest.

It is recommended to send your mail in time because we need some time to unsubscribe you from our list of members.

Our motto

Our goal is to teach you how to do proper research.


Good research provides you with better information.
With better information, you can make better decisions.
With better decisions, you can create a healthier, wealthier and freer world,
for people, fauna and flora, for this and future generations.

That’s why we think it’s necessary for you to know how to carry out proper research.