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SPSS is a program to statistically analyse the data. When you open it, you will see an overwhelming list of options and possibilities.

Many students get stuck in dealing with this program. In many courses, too little attention is paid to it. Usually students only need it at the end of their study and then they have forgotten how to do it again.

It often takes hours to find out how the program works again. Extensive use is made of the videos on YouTube. Nothing wrong with that, but it often takes days to find the right information.

This course is completely different in structure from what you find elsewhere on the internet. I myself have been using SPSS for more than 35 years and know how to explain where to find what. And with my background in education, you get a completely different setup. It has a modular design so that you can quickly and easily find the information to perform the analyzes in SPSS.

Students who first spent many hours on the Internet find these videos a relief.

In our tutorials you will learn how to find your way around in SPSS. All tutorials together are a complete course starting with basic information about how to manipulate data in SPSS up to how to perform moderation and mediation in SPSS.

If you think SPSS is too difficult to learn, you haven't seen our videos yet

This SPSS course has 6 modules

Basics of SPSS

In 10 video tutorials we explain how to make calculations, how to recode your data, how to merge datafiles and much more.

Descriptive statistics

In these video tutorials we explain how to describe your data and your response.

Creating and testing instruments

In these video tutorials we teach you how to perform factor analysis and how to compute Cronbach's alpha.

Univariate tests

Here you will learn all the parametric and non-parametric ways of analyzing your data.

Multivariate tests

In these video tutorials we explain how to analyze your data when two or more independent variables have to be used.


In a series of tutorials we explain everything about linear regression, hierarchical regression, how to use dummies moderation and mediation.

The structure of the tutorials for analyzing the data is always the same. First we explain what type of question can be answered with this test and what the data requirements are for this statistical test. Next we show you where the command can be found and the options that are useful to apply.  Then we discuss the output. Often some alternative tests are discussed at the end because your data almost never meets all the theoretical requirements needed to perform the test.

Advantages of this SPSS Course:

    • Not only the SPSS command is shown, also the output is discussed. If you want to have specific information in the output, we show you how to change the SPSS command.
    • The tutorials last about 10 minutes. So, a lot can be learned in a short time.
    • The lessons are modular and can be followed without prior knowledge of the other lessons. So you can decide the order yourself or decide to skip lessons without any problem.
    • If information is needed from other tutorials, for example about calculating a new score, it is easy to find because all information is grouped in modules.
    • You can repeat the lessons as often as you want.
    • You can stop the video and perform the analysis step by step on your own data.

    • You don't have to go anywhere which wil save time in traveling.
    • There is no class, so you can attend the lessons whenever you want. There is no delay due to other students and the teacher never gets impatient or loses his temper.
    • And - when you still cannot figure out how to perform a certain analysis - there is always a back-up from the community. 

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