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Your support in research and statistics

Everyone who performs research experiences problems from time to time and is uncertain about what needs to be done.

Many difficulties may arise when conducting research. Sometimes the meaning of a term is not clear. Sometimes a statistical test needs to be explained. Sometimes a buddy is needed to exchange ideas with, or an experienced coach who guides you through the research process.

This site provides high-quality and reliable information about research and our coaches can be contacted for support. is created to serve all those students, teachers or even researchers who need a helping hand or a sparring partner.

Just to make sure: we provide information or give support. We do not conduct your research nor write your thesis. We coach with the intention that you can conduct your research easier, faster and better.

How can we help?

The dictionary of Research-Coaches

Our Dictionary

Because most students aren't familiar wit a lot of terms of research and statistics, a dictionary has been written. More than 150  terms and statistical tests are explained in easy to under stand English.
Papers of Research Coaches

Our papers & manuals

Some research aspects need a little more text. For example, a definition of "research question" is easy to give. However, formulating a good research question is not that easy. It must meet certain conditions. And if you change something in the question, you can get a completely different survey.

In total there are 10 papers that will guide you through your research.

Videos of Research Coaches

Our courses

So far, only the SPSS Course has been completed. In the near future a course in Statistics and Research Methodology will be published too. Please be patient. Don't pressure us. We want to provide high quality service.

The SPSS-course contains 34 lessons. I think you will love it. It makes SPSS very easy to work with.

Foeke van der Zee Research Coach in the Netherlands

Our coaches

I started my company as a coach in the Netherlands and this is still my core business. I coach students world wide, prefereable in Dutch but in English it is possible too. 

I'm looking for colleagues around the world who are willing to support students in mastering research knowledge. Feel free to contact me if you want to be a coach in your country.

This site is still in progress. Sorry.

When you feel the need to give some help or if you also want to be a coach ,

please feel free to make contact. I really would appreciate a helping hand.


My goal is to teach you how to conduct good research.


Good research provides you with better information.
With better information, you can make better decisions.
With better decisions, you can create a healthier, wealthier and freer world,
for people, fauna and flora, for current and future generations.

That is why I think it is important that  you know how to do your research well.