Applied research
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Applied research

Applied research is an activity used to solve a problem. It has not the intention to acquire knowledge that is universally applicable anytime and anywhere.

Applied research is often seen as the opposite of fundamental research. However, the distinction is less strict. Fundamental research is primarily about confirming a theory. In applied research, the emphasis is on finding a logical explanation of phenomena and how to deal with them. You could characterize the first as top-down and the second as bottom-up. That is not entirely true, because applied research can also start with a scientific theory that indicates which aspects should be investigated. Moreover, the results of each study also have an impact on the theoretical aspects.

That is why, in my opinion, it is incorrect to see applied research as opposed to fundamental research. Whether something makes sense in practice and whether it matches a theory are not opposites, but two independent dimensions. Every research has a theoretical and a practical component. In my opinion, the best research is research that scores high on both dimensions.

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