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Help students to find the correct way

Doing research is often a lonely journey. Many students never have traveled the pathway of conducting research themself. They experience a lot of doubt and frustration. Often they get stuck and need a hand to show the way to continue. Can you help these students? is a platform designed to help students to overcome their problems with research. Sometimes a term needs to be explained. Sometimes a problem needs to be discussed to find the best solution.

Students are best served in their own language and culture. That is why we are looking world wide for coaches in every country. Coaches with different backgrounds, with different knowledge of research, with different styles of working and communication. Are you one of them?

We are not looking for experienced researchers and teachers who won't  do the work for these students. Please never write a thesis for the students. The mission must be: "We want to teach students how to swim, but they must obtain their swimming diploma themselves". We don't want to have lazy and inexperienced managers at the top of the companies. Managers who never experienced the difficulty of finding reliable and useful information, will find it difficult to understand the quality of that information and will make more mistakes in making the correct decision.

Before we will accept you as a coach, we need  some information about your experience with research and coaching. We will use this information to create an advertisement page on our site.

Coaching students is very rewarding and you can make some money with it. We don't want to have a part of your income. It would also be very uncontrollable by us. To make things easy for all of us, we ask € 50,- /month for your ad. Depending on how much you charge for a consult, this amount of money can quickly be regained.

Because the site is brand new, we will not charge you anything till march 2021. So, if you want to find out how it is to be a coach, fill in the form as soon as possible so that students who need help can contact you.

We are looking forward to welcome you as a new member in our team.

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Not all questions are required to be answered, but some are important to us. They are marked with a star.

Thank you for your commitment.