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Rana Mustafa, Ph.D.

Specialized in scientific research on food science and leadership

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Country: Canada

City: Saskatoon




I am an ICF certified leadership coach and food scientist with over 20 years of internationally recognized expertise in academia, research, project management, and product commercialization. I offer a unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience that helps researchers reach their full potential. I've empowered hundreds of university students and researchers to build the skills and networks necessary to bring their research to market and make a meaningful impact beyond the academic world.

I designed a 12- week coaching program based on 4 pillars: Resiliency, endurance, nurturing and acceptance. My program provides a confidential and supportive space for researchers to discuss their work and challenges and share their thoughts and feelings.

My strong analytical skills combined with Cognitive Behavioural Coaching create an authentic coaching style that empower researchers so that they build resiliency to navigate change and the competitive academic landscape. With my guidance, researchers build a strong personal brand, grow their network, increase their publication rate, and secure more funding opportunities or find their dream job outside of academia.

My work experience includes more than 10 years of teaching university students which includes designing course, assignments and learning activities, 4 years of research at the University of Saskatchewan where I received the University certificate of teaching.

I published 37 papers and presented my work in more than 17 international conferences.


Food science and leadership skills


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