How to formulate a good Research Question

A correct answer can only be given to a good research question. This is impossible with a bad research question.

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A perfect research question

The most common cause of a tough ongoing research is bad research question.  Even a small change in the research question can lead to a completely different study.

Therefor, the research question is the most important part of any research. A good research question provides guidelines for the design of the research, which data need to be collected, the way the data should be analysed  and the answers to be given in the research report. 

Sometimes the research question cannot even be answered at all. If you're already working on your research and it's not working, it's best to check whether you can adjust the research question (a little).

In this paper you will learn which research questions are good and which are not. You will also learn how to improve a bad research question.

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