Courses in Methodology, Statistics and SPSS
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An overview

              of  our courses in 
                                        methodology, statistics and SPSS

Every student experiences problems doing research. I still remember my first mistakes. However, I had a few good teachers. I learned quickly and well. When I was still a student, others already asked me to help with their thesis. I didn't do the work for them, but I was always happy if I could offer some help in learning how to handle SPSS and discuss the results.

Furthermore, in my career as a researcher at the university, at a company, as an entrepreneur and as a coach, I have learned so much about research and the problems that need to be overcome that I think I am an experienced researcher.

I would like it if you could experience the same. To begin with, I have created a whole series of video tutorials teaching you how to do your research. The tutorials are divided into three groups: methodology, statistics and working with SPSS.

I am still busy converting the tutorials from Dutch to English. The available tutorials are shown below with a link to the page where they can be viewed. You must be a member to view the videos. Soon the free membership will change to a paid membership. So, take this opportunity and watch the videos while it is still free.

Foeke van der Zee - Research Coach

Our tutorials that teach you how to do research

This course has 8 lessons in 1 module

  • What is research en how should  it be performed
  • The research question
  • How to create research designs and conceptuel models
  • How to draw a sample
  • Selecting and creating instruments to measure what you want to
  • The plan of analysis: what to do with your data
  • Testing theories with regression
  • How to present the results in a paper

Our tutorials that teach you how to analyse your data

This course has 28 lessons in 6 modules

  • The fundaments of statistical testing
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Testing differences between groups
  • Non-parametric tests
  • Correlation and association
  • Regression

Our tutorials that teach you how to analyse your data with SPSS

This course has 36 lessons in 5 modules

  • How to work with SPSS
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Constructing and testing instruments
  • Testing differences between groups
  • Regression