About our coaches

Learning how to conduct research often means taking two steps forward and one step back. You can get help from the members in the community. However, when you get completely stuck in the research process, one-on-one help might be needed to solve the problem. On this site a list of coaches can be found who can be contacted for help.

All coaches on the list had to fill in a form. They had to indicate wether they can help students with qualitative research, quantitative research or both. They had to supply information about their experience with research and the media they use to communicate.

We do not want to be an intermediary, because this would delay the process of getting help, and some problems are urgent. Furthermore, the student and the coach can speak and write in their own language. That makes the communication much easier.

All coaches work independently of Research-Coaches.com. Based on the information supplied, we have great trust in their capabilities. However, if a student complains about the quality of the coach, we investigate the complaints and the coach will be removed from the list if necessary. In this way, we hope to guarantee the quality of our coaches.

Payment service
We strongly advice never to pay a coach in advance. However, coaches may be afraid of not being paid for the services provided. Research-Coaches.com can work as an intermediary.

An agreed amount of money can be transferred into our bank account. If the coach has provided his service and the client does not complain, the money is the transferred to the coach's bank account.

If a student complains, we will start an investigation to find out what happened. Depending on the outcome, the money will either be refunded to the client or paid to the coach.

This payment service is the best guarantee to ensure that the clients money is well spent and that coaches get their money.

Are you interested in becoming a coach?
Because this platform is very new, we are looking for coaches all over the world. If you would like to help students and make money with your knowledge, please contact us by filling in the form. Based on the information on this form, we will create a page on this site so students can contact you.

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If you want to know exactly what we are offering you, read our service agreement >>>.

If you think no one is waiting for your service, do nothing. However, if you enjoy helping students, take action now.

Foeke van der Zee
Founder and owner of Research-Coaches.com

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