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If you experience problems with your research, it is probably due to a poorly formulated research question. It will then take a lot of effort to reformulate your research question, and most of the time - if not all - spent on your research will have to be repeated.

In textbooks, little attention is paid to formulating a good research question. And in statistical textbooks the hypotheses are mentioned and almost no background is given about how and why.

Moreover, some teachers themselves do not know how to formulate a workable research question. Some teachers use an outdated method that does not help you either. I do not envy you if you are in such a situation.

The research question is the most important part of the whole research. A correct question helps you to conduct your research in an easy and flexible way.

In this paper, I will show you how to formulate a correct research question. In addition, I will show you why certain research questions are not good and how you can improve them.

If you still have to start your research, this is the best investment you can make. I'm sure this will prevent you from feeling stupid, or experiencing feelings of abandonment when your research is a mess.

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I wish you the best of luck with your research.

Foeke van der Zee
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