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Qualitative research

Qualitative research is a research with a few respondents, objects, organisations or cases.

In many textbooks authors find it hard to distinguish qualitative research from quantitative research. In my opinion it is easy. Just look at the number of objects or respondents. If it is only one, the research should be denoted as a case study. If only a few respondents or objects participate in the research, it is a qualitative research. If a lot of respondents, or objects participate in the research - say over 30 - it is a quantitative research. Solely the number of participants makes the difference.

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Every research can be classified on three dimensions:
   1) the research design
   2) the location of data collection and
   3) the number of cases.
Together they form the research cube. With this classification 72 types of research can be distinguished.

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The Research Question

The most important aspect of any research

The research question
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